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UPS honors those with more than 25 collision-free years

TORONTO, Ont. – Ask drivers where they hate driving in Southern Ontario and they’ll probably tell you it’s Toronto. With its crowded roadways and sometimes careless drivers the area can be a minefield, but in the nearly three decades of moving through Toronto traffic Edward Joseph hasn’t had a single at-fault accident. Joseph drives a “feeder” truck for UPS – a Class 8 carrying packages to distribution centers before they head out for delivery. He was one of 19 Southern Ontario drivers inducted into the 2018 Circle of Honor June 20.

MTA names driving championships award winners

WINNIPEG, Man. – The winners of the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) Provincial Truck Driving Championships have been announced, with four carriers boasting champion drivers. Placing first in the straight truck category was Bruce McKechnie from Bison Transport; Brian Hrabarchuk of