Last week, two-year-old, NFX Guild, a Silicon Valley-based, invite-only accelerator program, hosted its newest demo day before 200 venture investors from Sand Hill Roadand San Francisco.

The outfit which is backed financially by the venture firms CRV, Shasta Ventures, Greylock Partners, and Mayfieldand works only with startups that have been referred to it through a network of scouts might have surprised attendees. NFXs last two batcheshave featured 16 and 13 companies, respectively. Its newest class wound up featuring21 companies a meaningful jump in size. The good news:with startupsfocused on health care, augmented reality, shoppingand more, there was seemingly something for everyone.

For those of you who didnt make it to NFXs demo day, here are thosecompanies it introduced (andthat we assume are actively fundraising as we type).


Tagline: Your advantage for life.

Description: Alto is an advantage club for people with disabilities and their families.

Location: Palo Alto and Tel Aviv

Competitors: The three-month-old company insists there isno advantage club today like it in the U.S.(It says to think of it like thefinancial services company USAA, except that rather than catering to military families, it caters to people with disabilities and their families.)

Employees: 7

Capital raised:$1 million in pre-seed fundingto date.

Metrics: The company says it has developed the most comprehensivedatabase to date for paralysis products, and that it has compiled moresources for disability advantages than anyone has bothered to in the past, with thousands of discounts and benefits. Partners include the Christopher Reeve foundation and Variety The Childrens Charity, along withother organizations that collectively representmore than onemillion users.

Team: Deep roots in the disability ecosystem. Cofounder and CEO Moshe Gaon previously co-founded a now two-year-old company focused on this same market, called YooCan,with Alto cofounders Dror Kaliskyand Yoav Gaon.


Tagline: Augmented Reality operating system for outdoors.

Description: AROS overlays an augmented layer onto the real world, enhancing users experiences through a variety of different activities. The company currently focuses on the industrial market; it says it will take on the consumer market afterward.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: None, it says, claiming it has a secret saucethatsprotected by patents.

Employees: 9

Capital raised: The company says it has raised$1.4million from unnamed investors to date.

Metrics: None yet

Team: CEO Alon Getzis a former Israeli Air Force pilot; he says he and his cofounders have been developing augmented reality since the90s.


Tagline: Actionable big data for corporate travel.

Description: FairFly is a four-year-old, real-time travel data platform thats aiming to bring a newlevel of efficiency to the $1.2 trillion corporate travel market.

Location: Palo Alto and Tel Aviv

Competitors:Other fare-tracking technologies and startups.

Employees: 18

Capital raised:Before joining NFX Guilds newest batch, FairFly had raised a total of $4.7million from investors.

Metrics: FairFly says its been finding potential savingopportunities on up to 26percent of tracked flights, with an average potential savings of $254 per opportunity.

Team: FairFly has four founders,including CEO, Aviel Siman-Tov, who worked previously in the office of the prime minister of Israel. The companys chairmanis Waze cofounder Uri Levine.


Tagline: A 3D printing network that produces usable products at scale.

Description: Fleximatter is a 2.5-year-old, B2B marketplace for designed products that aims to alloweverybody to design and sell large scale products that people actually use. The company says its machines can print 20 times faster and 20 times cheaper than competitors products.

Location: San Franciscoand Tel Aviv

Competitors: Voodoo, Shapeways, or 3DHubs, butit says it we can manufacture at scale and sell products through a marketplace, unlike these companies.

Employees: 3

Capital raised:Fleximatter had previously raised$700,000fromprivate investors before joining NFX Guild.

Metrics:It says it has more than 20 designers working on its platform, and that more than 250 designers are using its marketplace to produce their goods.

Team:Cofounder and CEO Rami Chanan was previously a longtime VP at the industrial automation company Elmo Motion Control. He has two cofounders: Yshai Meshorer and Alex Vasilevski.


Tagline: Instant video messaging.

Description: Frisbee is a group video messaging app being built by a team that includes the Facebookemployees involved in theconception and development of Facebook Live. Currently in private beta, the app enables people to organize squads that act as threads for sending video messages instantly with a group of friends.

Location: San Mateo, CA

Competitors: Marco Polo, Tribe, Glide

Employees: 4

Capital raised:The team has so far raised $1.2million from Greylock, SV Angel, Draper and NFX Guild.

Metrics:It says the average useris looking at 12 videos per day and spending 9 minutes per day in the app.

Team:CEO Vadim Lavrusik is a former Facebook product manager who led the team that developed Facebook Live and was involved inFacebook Mentions, a standalone app for public figures.


Tagline: Intelligence on demand.

Description: Heat provides cognitive services in real time by a hybrid cloud of humans and AI. Use cases range from data gathering, to text classification, to image editing and more. Heat says it makes AI accessible and usable by any business in the world.

Location: San Francisco andTel Aviv

Competitors: CrowdFlower, IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services


Capital raised: $220,000 from NFX Guild

Metrics: The company says that 90percent of tasks are picked up and handled in under 15 seconds.

Team:CEO Yigael Berger is a serial entrepreneur whose last company, Appixia, was acquired by Wix in 2014. His cofounder and CTO, Sagiv Malihi, was previously an infrastructure team lead at Cisco.


Tagline: Entertaining shopping on FB Live.

Description: HipDot is a next-generation QVC on Facebook Live. It uses a distributed network of influencers and HipDot hosts. It doesnt carry inventory or handle fulfillment.

Location: Los Angeles, SF Bay Area

Competitors: QVC, HSN

Employees: 4

Capital raised: $220,000 from NFX Guild

Metrics:The startup says that video engagement and store traffic is growing at over 2x every two weeks. It also say that more than 4 percentof views lead directly to store trafficand that the average basket totals more than$38.

Team: FoundersJeff Sellinger and Mo Winter have worked together for 10 years, including ar Shopkick, which Sellinger cofounded and thatwas acquired in 2014 for $200 million by SK Planet. (Winter was Shopkicks creative director.)

Incredible Health

Tagline: Hired.comfor healthcare. (Hired is a jobs placement marketplacewhere applicants vie for tech jobs.)

Description: Incredible Health says its setting out to addresswhat it characterizes as thelargest labor shortage in the country: nurses.How: itsweb application and automated processes aim to speed up hiring, efficiency, and quality for both job candidates and hospital employers.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: Job boardslike LinkedIn, Monsterand Indeed, as well as traditional recruiting agencies

Employees: 2, including founders

Capital raised: $340,000, including NFX Guild

Metrics:This company launched just three weeks ago as part of the NFX programand says 28 hospitals have already signed upand posted openings for2000 nursingjobs.

Team: Iman Abuzeid, the CEO and cofounder, is a medical doctor, as well as an alum of McKinsey & Co. Rome Portlock, CTO and cofounder, is a software engineer with 15 years of experience at Amazon, Eventbrite and other startups.


Tagline: Buy the building materials you see online.

Description: Materialist wants to bethe central hub for manufacturers to sell interior design and construction products online. Toward that end, it providesan access point for designers and contractors to purchase via exclusive trade pricing in one location.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: BuildDirect, Architizer

Employees: 4

Capital raised: $750,000 prior to NFX Guild

Metrics:The year-old companyalready features more than 6,000 products from more than 50 suppliers.

Team: Matt Grigsby (CEO), George Sibble (CTO), Grant Szempruch (COO)


Tagline: Crowdfunding done right.

Description: MindBlower wants to gives inventors and designers a chance to turn their ideas into realityby conducting viability research, choosing the ideas that are most likely to succeed, and providing support along the way to help ensure the ideas are developed into marketable products.

Location: London

Competitors: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Telebrands

Employees: 10

Capital raised: Pre-seed funding NFX and private investors

Metrics: None disclosed.

Team: CEO Carmit Turgeman is an industrial engineer and the entrepreneur behind the Travalo perfume atomizer, which she says has sold$350 million of product.


Tagline: Hauling together.

Description: Mudflapaims to build thelargest virtual fleet in the U.S.

Location: Palo Alto

Competitors: Landstar,, DAT

Employees: 5

Capital raised: $220,000 from NFX Guild and iAngels

Metrics: The company says it has already identified more than 405,000 truck-friendly parking spots andrestaurants.

Team: The team claims deep expertise in trucking/transportation (Trucker Path, Waze, Metromile) and marketplaces (Klout and

Nobex Technologies

Tagline: A global network of local radio stations.

Description: Nine-year-old Nobex Technologies provides a hosted platform for more than4,000 radio stations. This platform includes white-label mobile applications, a back-end portal for business intelligence and playlist insights, and multiple listener engagement tools.

Location: Tel Aviv

Competitors: Jelli, WideOrbit

Employees: Undisclosed

Capital raised: Undisclosed

Metrics: 4,300 stations are on the platformand it claims more than 25 million users globally.

Team:CEO Gadi Mazorhas founded three companies previouslyand was until recently a general partner with OurCrowd, the crowdfunding platform.


Tagline:Automatingvisual content creation at scale

Description: Octopus enables companies to order and manage the creation of proprietary, high-quality visual content, including photography, videography, 360-degree and aerial imagery. With the Octopus API and software embedding in their business workflows, businesses are capable of creatingon-demand, professional visual content quickly and cost efficiently at any scale, says the company.

Location: San Francisco andBerlin

Competitors: Smartshoot, 500px

Employees: 21

Capital raised: $1million prior to NFX Guild

Metrics: In 2016, 500,000 unique images were taken in 21 countries for clients that includeOpenTable, Pricelineand Delivery Hero.

Team: Founded by serial entrepreneur Andre Lutter and imagery expert Mo Hamid, the Octopus team consists of 21 international members who combine visual content, product, and engineering experience from companies like Airbnb,, and Microsoft.


Tagline: 1-800-FUNERAL

Description: Partings software aims to transform the highly fragmented, $20 billion funeral industry by empowering funeral homes with the ability to digitize their workflow and provide better consumer experiences.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Competitors: Passare, Willing, MeetGrace

Employees: 4

Capitalraised: $470,000, including from NFX Guild

Metrics: It says it has 150 paying funeral homes and is seeing $50,000 in monthly gross merchandise value.

Team:Co-founder and CEO Tyler Yamasaki has built and sold multiple affiliate marketing companies. Co-founder Will Chang ran product for a venture-backed company that was acquired by Teespring. Co-founder Stephen Chen was a lead software engineer at Teespring. Co-founder Albert Chang ran his own vertical at QuinStreet.


Tagline: Business messaging for customers andsuppliers.

Description: Riptide lets businesses open up SMS and Messenger for all employees to communicate with customers. This means sending invoices, processing payments, and working with suppliers.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: HeyWire (Salesforce), SideLine

Employees: 6

Capital raised: $300,000 in pre-seed funding, including from NFX Guild

Metrics:In verticals like auto repair, appliances, real estate, and fitness, businesses adopting Riptide have improved their turnover as much as 30 percent, says the company.

Team: Riptide is led by CEO Doug Marinaro, who previously cofounded the real estate marketplace LiquidSpace.


Tagline: Music with friends.

Description: Sounds is an app to discover and share music with friends. The company wants to match users with theirmusical soulmates to build their musical graph, (a term ithas apparently trademarked).

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: Spotify, Snapchat

Employees: 10

Capital raised: $1.7million in pre-seed funding prior to joining NFX Guilds new batch of companies

Metrics:The five-year-old company says it already has 1million monthly active users a number thats organically growing 25 percent, month over month.

Team:Founder and CEO Rhai Goburdhun previously founded a digital marketing agency.


Tagline: Building resilience in the workplace.

Description: Summer helps employers prevent and manage stress and anxiety in their workplaces by offering them self-guided and coach-assisted programs.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: MyEquilibrium,,, Lantern

Employees: 3

Capital raised: $600,000 from NFX Guild, iAngels and angels

Metrics: The company saysit has letters of intentwith health platforms that reachone million employees through their clients.

Team: CEO Dhaval Chadha has previously cofounded two companies and was a venture partner at Vox Capital.

Unlimited Reality

Tagline: Augmented Reality entertainment

Description: Unlimited Reality createsAR entertainment. Its first product, KAZOOLOO, is a game board that connects to a mobile app and has generated more than $5.4million to date. Itslatest venture, RealityRoom, is an augmented reality entertainment networkthat gives users access to an array of AR entertainment, like popular gamesand live streaming.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: Everyone else doing AR entertainment

Employees: 12

Capital raised: $2million prior to the companys involvement in NFX Guild.

Metrics: The company says it has sold more than 250,000 units and that it has seen $5.4 million in gross merchandise value.

Team: Cofounder and CEO Andy Schwartz graduated from Tel Aviv University in 2012 before creating KAZOOLOO.


Tagline: E-commerce for the rest of the world.

Description: Utopia helps consumers in emerging markets discover and buy products from the U.S.andChina, powered by a network of social seller influencers.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: Wish, Little Red Book, AliExpress

Employees: 30

Capital raised: $500,000

Metrics: The company says it has shipped 150,000so far and that it saw $6 million in gross merchandise revenue last year.

Team: Both cofounders both worked at Facebook, and CEO Mostafa ElBatsh worked at Google in itsemerging markets team.


Tagline: Communications and payments for home builders and their teams.

Description: Villa is amarket network for home builders and remodelers. Villas project feed streamlines payments and messaging between general contractors, owners, subcontractors and architects, and its software replaces the paper forms, text messages and multiple email threads currently used in new construction and remodeling projects.

Location: Berkeley, CA

Competitors: Buildertrend, Co-construct, Procore

Employees: 5

Capital raised: $300,000 from NFX Guild and angel investors.

Metrics: Villa launched this month in limited beta and already, it says, more than 100 contractors are on itswaitlist. It also claims its beta users report saving 8percent to 10percent of the timethey typically spend on projects by using Villa.

Team: CEO Jonathan Heyne recently nabbed his MBA from UC Berkeley. As a student at Tel Aviv University, he cofounded a company called Student that aimed to disrupt the Israeli SAT preparation market. It was acquired for undisclosed terms by an Israeli education group.


Tagline: Conversational games.

Description: Volley builds casual games that are optimized for messaging apps and voice interfaces.

Location: San Francisco

Competitors: Zynga, Supercell, Machine Zone

Employees: 2

Capital raised: $400,000 from NFX andundisclosed angel investors.

Metrics: The company claims it has 25,000 users

Team: CEO Max Child was previously an associate at Boston Consulting Group; he and fellow Harvard classmate(and Volley CTO) James Wilsterman say theyvebeen building games for Facebook Messenger since the launch of the platform.

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